Chapter 18: Drama Reborn;
Saturday, May 05, 2007

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i am going mad... are you?
i swear i am going to kill you if i ever see you again.....

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Chapter 17: The Little Things You Do Together;
Sunday, February 25, 2007

We had a band outing yesterday! What great fun it was!

I all began with meeting yunwei at bt batok, then proceeding to jurong east to meet up with lormee. After which, peakiew and david joined us at marina bay before we set off to go and fly kite! YES! We went to fly kites! And what excitment it was!

But the shop owner selling kites was very no-goose. After deciding to buy 2 $2.50 kites, the shop owner then passed us the strings, telling us that it would cost us an additional 1 dollar each! And so, we spent $7 dollars buying lao-pok kites and tried to fly them. hahahahaha... we ran around like headless chickens making our kites fly while the old uncles behind stood on spot and tugged on the string so leisurely and their kites flew higher and higher into the sky... we were really pek-cheak. sian sian siannnnn... By that time, kk and chelly had arrived and another $3.50 kite combo wass bought. I was already despairing at that moment in time, with my PIKACHU kite already half torn and chelly's POWERPUFF-SNOOPY-DORAEMON kite's string was ripped off.

AND THEN, a miracle happened! yunwei and peakiew came with a $1.50 cheapadee kite flying high up in the sky!!!! (which according to them, flew up into the sky while they crossed the road to the field, and they didn't noticed it at all) and INSTANTLY, our evening became absolutely amazing with each of us taking turns to fly the kite higher and higher into the sky.

So what is the morale of the story? - buy cheapo kites and they will fly automatically into the sky by themselves

After that, we went to eat steamboat at zhen4 fa1 huo2 hai3 xian1. And i stuffed myself with lotsa french fries, satay meat and gou3 qi2 zi3 stamboat soup.... hohohoho... totally unhealthy and i became even fatter after that.

Soon after! we left marina bay to watch movie at marina square only to be shocked by the huge crowd and little time slots left for any movie now showing. So we walked towards the overcharging hawker centre near esplanade. Everything is damn ex there la...... Cheng Tng cost 2.60 (1.50 in food courts), hokkien prawn mee costs $4/6/8 (2/3/4 in bt batok hawker centre), mee soto is $3.50 (1.50 if you get it in school lo). Hai hai.... but we sat there and chatted for a while before all of us left home for the night. wad a tiring day it was.....

And i lost all my energy to continue on blogging liao... tired tired... tmr is another day of work.... siannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

BUT i shall look forward to the 1st ever cheapcheapgoodgoodtalklonglong outing tmr! Woohoo!

i am going mad... are you?
it is the little things that counts

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Chapter XVI: Choose and Initiate;
Saturday, January 27, 2007

Here are the finalists for the saxophone section blogskin selection!

1) Somewhere over the rainbow
2) Rainbow Charm
3) Woah Saxy!
4) Rainbow Pills
5) GOOFBALLS - they are oh-so maniac.

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i am going mad... are you?
it is time to choose!

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Chapter XV: A New Year;
Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It is that very time of the year again!

you know..... the time of the year when we look back at the stupid things we have done for the previous one.... while thinking of more stupid things to do next.

what a mad year it has been! Band concerts, Brisbane, 'A' Levels, NS... total lia gong. So how did i spend the last day of this insane year? Let me tell you:
- arrived late at city hall with my brother (1910)
- met up with class at kenny rogers in marina square
- horrified by the portions of food there
- continued to be horrified while forcing the food down my throat
- surprised by david who notified me that there were tchs band juniors in kenny rogers
- left kenny rogers feeling really really full
- met up with kezia at citylink
- walked towards esplanade to "chop" places to watch fireworks
- remained stationary on bridge as we are really kiasu people
- decided to leave the bridge as rain began to fall
- was squished by people of "one of the colours" (as mentioned by minhao)
- caught a breath when i finally jostled out of the horrendous crowd
- was totally not prepared for what was happening next
- mortified by the sea of people stuck at citylink underground
- continued to be squished
- witnessing people going mad while being squished, i.e. middle-aged woman shouting that she needed to pee while being stuck in the middle of nowhere
- scolding stupid people who are taking photos of the sea of people on the stairs instead of moving (wtf?!?!)
- continued to be squished till marina square
- bought drinks which included 5 giant-sized soft drinks for everyone and 1 student's meal for kezia
- continued towards the esplanade and reached at 0000 hours
- admired beauitful fireworks which started without any warning or countdown
- continued to admire fireworks... really really nice especially the barrage of golden fireworks at the end
- the fireworks ended and then the horror began
- swarms of people moved towards the mrt
- go read minhao's blog about the swarm of people... totally scary

oh yar! he didn't mention how we even managed to reach the mrt station, we:
- rushed past the barracades which were forcefully pryed open by someone
- ran across the road
- climbed over the fencing at the centre of the road
- halted and watched a police car racing past us
- ran across again
- climed over even more barracades
that was how desperate we were to get home... seriously... it is like a scene out of desperate housewives... oh how scary...

thus, I have learnt a few lessons from the first moments of my new year:
A) book a hotel next time (preferably the suite on the top of fullerton)
B) do not pour water from the hotel room down to the squeezing crowd (unless you want to be mugged by a mob of angry people)
C) if unable to carry out A, go get driving license and a car
D) if unable to carry out A or C, do not go for any countdowns
but still, it was great, thanks to the company i had. Thanks again for spending the first moments of the new year with me!

since it is the beginning of a new year, i shall make some new year resoultions:
1) indulge more in life's guilty pleasures such as mahjong
2) watch more television shows, i.e desperate housewives, grey's anatomy, heroes and ugly betty
3) find new tv shows to watch, i.e weeds, big love and dirt
4) try to earn more money without breaking the law
5) lose weight!!!
6) get driving license and hopefully a car
7) work harder to get at least one scholarship (which probably wont happen anyway)
8) try not to think too much about 'A' level results
9) cherish and love friends and family that i have

woohoo!! it is a brand new year!!!
would the new year be just as crazy as the last one... only time will tell.
2 days of 2007 have just ended! now there is 363 days more to go!

i am going mad... are you?
new year, new beginnings... so what's next?

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